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Some insights

If you have an agency and you’ve worked with partners, you have surely encountered one of these problems:


Lack of transparency. Difficulty knowing the status of projects.


Communication problems. Suppliers disappearing mid-project.


Delays or non-compliance.

Why Choose Us?

In edeon we take partnerships as the center of our business. And we focus on solving what we know are the main pain points of agencies.

In edeon we take the Partnerships as the center of our business And we focus on solving The ones we know are the main pain points of the agencies.

Our Workflow

How do we do it?

How do we do it?


Project Manager

Your account will have a PM with whom you can manage your needs at all times.


Status Dashboard

We generate a  dashboard for your  Agency from where you can see, at all times, the status of ongoing projects along with all the relevant information associated with them.


Fixed Budgets

At all times you will know the final value of the projects.


Contact at all times

Although we centralize formal  communication by email, you will have access to us via Whatsapp at all times.

We know what we're doing

Why work with us?


We have developed a working methodology that adapts to any agency. For which, you don’t need web-aware resources on your team. 


We provide you with the tools so that you can correctly survey all projects.

We connect to your structure

If necessary, we join your meetings with clients (there is a cost). Always under the name of your agency and taking care of your business.

Our code, your brand.

in numbers


Years of experience working with agencies around the world.


Agencies satisfied with our work.


WordPress Projects delivered every year.

Agencies that trust us

We almost forgot ¡These are all of our partners!



Any Questions?

Frequent Questions

Our developments have Elementor by default unless otherwise requested by the customer.

We believe that a Page Builder gives the client autonomy to make changes if they want to.

We don't want them to be tied to us or a developer.

A landing page takes an average of 15 days. An institutional site, 45 days. This takes into account all possible back-and-forth regarding content and returns.

It depends on the scope of it, but from 200usd.

Plugins and other extra expenses must be paid by the client outside of the website's budget.


Once the design of the website has been approved, the content cannot be modified. 

If desired, the project should be requoted.

We will use email for formal communication and WhatsApp for daily communication.

WordPress does almost everything... But if it's not up to par, we'll make a custom development for you. 

Our team will be able to advise you so that you know which solution suits your business. 

If you are thinking about growing

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